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Hello friends, everyone! If you look at the project documentation, you will notice that the overwhelming majority of them contain complete information about who the developers are. This is how the projects try to show that they were created by professionals.
However, there is one project that breaks this rule. This is Sheep Token. Its team consists of blockchain architects, full-cycle developers, marketers. Initially, the team was anonymous, but not so long ago they revealed themselves and conducted AMA with their users.
Sheep Token is a deflationary token that allows investors to generate passive income. It has one feature - this is a "penalty" applied to all transactions of purchase / sale / transfer of the wallet. This penalty increases liquidity, decreases supply, and rewards token holders.
Tokenomics works as follows. 6% of every transaction is instantly distributed between token holders and Burn wallet, reducing supply and rewarding holders.
The Sheep Token Protocol will burn 3% of every transaction forever and redistribute the remaining 3% to token holders as a reward. This arrangement eliminates the risk of third parties from having to keep assets in a separate contract, while reducing supply and rewarding owners through passive coin accumulation.
Sheep Token runs on Binance's smart chain and is currently listed on PancakeSwap. Any interested participant can become part of the Sheep Token network and community.
Sheep Token is not owned by institutional investors or investors. The original developer gave up their ownership of the developer wallet and Sheep Token is now a wholly owned token. This allows Sheep Token to create a global brand of a safe, secure, fair, limitless cryptocurrency that combines economy and passive income.
Sheep Token has been fully verified and declared safe, however, it will be in the best interest of every current and future investor to periodically conduct audits on TechRate.
Using the liquidity pool allows you to trade Sheep Tokens with limited slippage. The LP is large enough for users to transact as they see fit. Coins are burned periodically to add value to the token as a result of the ever-decreasing supply.
At launch, 88.61% of the total supply was added to PancakeSwap to form a liquidity pool and was locked for 3 months. When the liquidity is unlocked, a community vote will be taken and then the liquidity is re-locked for another 3 months, repeating this process indefinitely.
5.4% was set for initial incineration, 3% for powerful marketing and 3% for operations and future project development. Let's see what is proposed there on the roadmap.
The Sheep Token Community and Ecosystem aims to build a long-term, engaged, reliable and prosperous community in the cryptocurrency world. There are numerous developments underway and Sheep Token intends to provide constant updates as the community grows. The roadmap is constantly being updated.
To stay up to date on the project, the team proposes to become part of the Sheep Token by joining channels such as Twitter, Telegram and Medium. The main advantages of the ecosystem include safety, reliability, liquidity, ease of use, increased capitalization
Much attention is paid to safety. The safety and protection of token holders is the number 1 priority for the Sheep Token community and development team, and all necessary measures have been taken for this.
First audit completed with BSCScan and confirmed. The second audit is carried out using TechRate. These mechanisms indicate to all users that the project is safe and can be invested in the network. Additional features are currently being developed to make the platform more efficient.
So what can be said in the end? This is a safe, really reliable and simple project with which you can easily generate passive income. If you do not want to develop your own trading strategy yourself, then join the platform community and earn!